Krishna Polymers has plants in two locations having a total covered area of 25,000 sq.ft. The product machinery includes Bunching Machine, Breading Machine, Epoxy Vacuum Plant VPI, APG Clamping Machines, Hydraulic Press, Ovens, supported by a fully equipped comprehensive Machine shop.

Krishna Polymers works with Central Power Research Institute, Noida, Bangalore, Bhopal etc., some of the well known and advanced laboratories in India, to conduct impulse voltage test, short circuit level and other tests.
In order to achieve the goal of making its in-house facilities comprehensive, the group is in the process of setting up its own laboratories consisting of testing equipment for tan delta and partial discharge measurement and other research and development activities.

Plant & machinery

Krishna Polymers is equipped with specially designed Advanced Pressure Gelatine (APG) casting machine for manufacturing Epoxy Casted Components. Precisely made Dies and Moulds enhance the quality of epoxy casted insulators and components. We manufacture all kind of epoxy insulators which are as per our standards and also manufactures the custom designs pertains to various OEM's as per their design.

We have our own Tin Plating facility. In addition, we also have leakage test facility.

  • Tensile Testing Facility
  • Cantilever Test Machine 5MT Capicity
  • High Voltage Test Facility
  • Leakage Test Facility
  • Tin Plating Facility
  • APG Clamping Machines
  • Hydraulic Press Machines
  • Imported Plastic Injection Moulding Machine
  • Mixures
  • Ovens
  • Breading Machines
  • Bunching Machines
  • Lapping Machines
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